Check Up & Clean

All new patients of our practice are strongly advised to book in for a check up and clean appointment. Having routine, 6-monthly check up and clean appointments is very important. This is because, without appropriate care, you may be exposed to a multitude of problems such as: bacterial infections, gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay. On top of this, maintaining good oral hygiene will allow for the longevity of your teeth as well as bring you confidence when you smile

The processes that are completed during your routine check up and clean appointment include the following:

  1. A full check-up. This consists of a thorough analysis of many things including your teeth, gums, jaw and much more. 
  2. Clean. The clean consists of the removal of plaque and hardened calculus.
  3. X-rays. These consist of two smaller x-rays. These small intraoral x-rays allow for the dentist to check for decay between your teeth and, as a result, plan an appropriate treatment process. Additionally, we take an OPG x-ray at your first appointment and approximately every five years afterwards.
  4. Fluoride treatment. The application of fluoride, which is a natural mineral, allows for the enamel of your teeth to become stronger and prevents cavities.
  5. Treatment Planning. During your bi-annual check-up, your charting is updated and a plan of is created for any future treatment that is required to increase your oral health.

On top of these processes, here at Taigum Dental Team, we also perform what is call an OPG X-Ray once every five years. An OPG X-ray machine takes an image of the upper and lower jaws, and all of your teeth. An OPG allows for all teeth to be examined and assessed, including your wisdom teeth which may not be visible. When required, this x-ray is performed in order to check bone levels, root levels, teeth positioning, nerve location and more.

In between your bi-annual check ups, it is highly recommended that you brush twice a day; once in the morning and once before bed. You should also be flossing once per day in order to maintain good oral hygiene in between your preventative dental visits. Additionally, flossing is most effective when done at night!

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