Teeth Whitening

Maybe you drink lots of tea, coffee, or red wine…. or maybe you are just wanting to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Here at Taigum Dental Team, we can help your teeth with that! We use Phillips Zoom whitening in our clinic to help our patients achieve those pearly whites they’ve always wanted. Whether it be a boost in confidence, that extra glow for a special event or a present for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these before and after photos of our patients; the results speak for themselves!

We now offer FREE whitening consults for all whitening patients (Must be 18 and over)! After your consult, you may book to have whitening treatment done. Phillips Zoom whitening is done in-chair and in one appointment. This appointment consists of 15-minute rounds of whitening, with a maximum of four rounds to be completed. In between each round, the whitening gel is re-applied to ensure the most desirable result. During their whitening, patients are more than welcome to watch Netflix or YouTube on our above-head TVs, or listen to their favourite songs, genres or artists on Spotify through our in-built speakers.

Also included in our whitening treatment is a take home whitening kit for when you would like to refresh that smile! The whitening kit consists of whitening trays molded to the exact shape of your teeth, whitening gel and sensitivity gel. When applying the whitening gel, it is recommended to apply pea-sized amounts on to the front surface of each tooth in the tray. The whitening gel should be applied for no longer than 30 minutes per day.

The best time to book in for teeth whitening is after you’ve had your 6-monthly check up and clean appointment. This is because your clean will help to remove superficial stains which, in turn, allows for the whitening gel to have a greater effect.

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